Tips to Keep Your Pearl Jewellery Safe

When you buy real pearls, you must also follow a few steps to keep them clean. They are one of the most delicate gemstones and must be maintained with a lot of care. When they come in contact with any metallic surface or a rough texture, they get easily scratched.

When exposed to chemicals or dry weather conditions, they can be discoloured, and pits could also be formed on them. This is one of the reasons why real pearls must be stored and cleaned carefully so their lustre remains intact.

Easy maintenance of pearls

Though, real pearls are precious jewellery, they are easy to maintain. You must always store strands of pearl standing flat as this prevents them from entanglement. Also, they will not come in contact with hard surface by doing this. You must keep the strands of pearls separate. You can also stack these strands together as long as you are padding each of these strands.

Materials to wrap pearls

  • Choose silk, tissue paper, linen, or any soft fabric to wrap the pearl jewellery
  • It also protects the pearl jewellery from heat, dryness, or moisture
  • They must also be kept away from the heat of the light bulb
  • Make sure they never get dried as they can crack up
  • If there is a lot of humidity, place them near a bowl of water or roll them in damp cloth

Wear pearls often

This is one of the best ways to keep the pearls from being damaged. This is as true as it seems. Never store your pearl jewellery in a plastic bag. For all the jewellery that you buy from pearlsonly.co.uk, you will find special packing for pearl jewellery.


When dressing up, wear the pearls after you are done dressing and applying the makeup. This is the last item on the itinerary that must be put on when dressing.

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