Retail Industry

The Problems of Loss, Theft And Waste In The Retail Industry

The retail industry, and in particular supermarkets, regularly seem to be in the media at the moment. If it’s not a fall in profit then it’s the latest issue with the carrier bag charge. Now in my opinion the carrier bag charge should have been introduced many years ago.

Unfortunately many people seemed to be of the opinion that their usage didn’t affect the amount of bags destined for landfill, but with many customers using in excess of twenty bags each time they did a large shop, then how could this be justified? This large usage has to be paid by someone and indirectly that is the customer.

Retail Industry

What customers seem to forget is that the more costs a supermarket or other retailer has to meet, the more expensive their shopping is likely to be. Food wastage is also another issue that customers seem to be blind to. They choose items from the chiller or freezer, queue up to pay and change their minds at the last minute. When they hand the item back to the member of staff saying they’ve changed their mind, do they not realise that the item then has to go in waste? The store cannot sell any chilled item that has been out of the chiller for more than twenty minutes and once again this wastage has to be paid for.

Retail Industry

Forged bank notes also cost the retail industry each year with those responsible showing little regard for the loss they are creating. Some examples are quite easy to spot with the printing looking less sharp than on a genuine note but others are much harder to detect. One way round this would be to bring into use a Forged Bank Note Checker which uses an ultraviolet backlight to highlight the coloured holograms on all new style notes to prevent the forged specimens slipping through the system. It will mean a significant initial layout but the savings that could be made will soon be obvious.

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