Protect America Reviewed

Established in 1992, Protect America has provided home security to more than 500000 families since then. By cutting down on the upfront costs, Protect America has made home security systems more affordable and accessible to more Americans.

This low upfront cost is made possible by charging more for the monthly monitoring costs. For people who cannot afford a huge upfront fee, this means that having it spread out over the three-year contract is more affordable.

Protect America offers the basic equipment totally free so customers only have to buy any additional equipment that they need. It also includes many of the state-of-the-art features that people have come to expect as a matter of course, such as mobile app integration. There is live camera streaming, home automation, and remote control through the mobile app. Protect America can be connected through a variety of ways, from broadband to cellular and landline.


There are five different packages available through Protect America which are customizable according to the customer’s unique needs. The basic package will cover door and window sensors (3 in all), a control panel, a door chime or an internal siren, and one motion detector. The more advanced packages offer door and window sensors amounting to 15 in all, a control panel, a motion sensor, and a door chime or an internal siren. All packages have a yard sign and a window decal also included in it.

Apart from this, customers can also get a full set of wireless devices, security cameras, detectors for glass breakages, garage doors sensors, personal security devices and sirens. An innovative feature offered by Protect America is that its sensors do not go off when pets under 40 pounds wander around the house.

Protect America has battery backup for times when there is a power failure. Additional equipment can also be bought for adding extra features such as detectors for smoke, carbon monoxide, fire, changes in temperature, personal safety, floods, did in depth reviews on Protect America and shows that you get more starting security equipment per package with them than any other company as on 2015.

Protect America offers the feature of an intercom through which the monitoring station can be called directly. The alarm causes the intercom to be automatically activated, saving you time for calling out for help. If the intercom is not answered, then the Protect America team immediately alerts emergency services in your area.

With Protect America, there is no professional installation service available, which means that the customer has to install the system himself. This is one of the disadvantages for the technologically challenged, but it can still be overcome because of the simplicity of the system and devices that have to be installed. This means that it can easily be a DIY project. If the services of a professional installer are still needed, it can be availed for a fee.

Customer support is available during regular working hours through email, phone and live chat. There is live technical support for the installation process, helping customers to install the system with step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions that make the installation a walk in the park for anyone.

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