Choosing the right nut picker for your garden

In an average gardener’s point of view nut picking is the type of work one would postpone till the moment there’s nothing else he/she would do. As the practice shows, whenever the need for nuts/fruits gathering arises, majority of farmers either get too tired or happen to be too lazy to do that sort of job. The reason is, greater part of homestead owners usually do this work with no any instrument being used. Unexpectedly, lots of those find it dull and time-consuming, for they know nothing about alternative means. Assuming, if some of them took an instrument like nut gatherer, the opinion would turn to direct opposite.

The benefits of using a professional nut gatherer

The first and the major advantage of owning the thing like nut picker is that you won’t ever need to get down to the ground to take away nuts from your lawn. The prolonged sturdy handle bar with an attached spherical cage made of metal wires allows you to operate the appliance with practically no efforts at all. Back and forth rolling motion helps the wires to open up and trap the objects inside. If you require more detail, Garden Weasel nut gatherer pro review highlights all the constructional peculiarities and working principles of the tool. The key design idea here was to take off load from the operator’s muscles and provide possibility to rest during the work. No wonder, so many users find nut gathering so relaxing and meditative sort of occupation today. Such an unpretentious innovation has allowed people to turn work into a kind of entertainment.

Products you might wish to get your hands on



The welded steel design features in combination with high-level flexibility make this product and undisputed sales hit. The heavy-duty aluminum handle provides a good grip and allows the device to be used on a regular basis. Also, the fact it can gather the tiny objects like acorns makes it an absolutely usable and recommended instrument for everyone owning a garden or keeping household.



The first thing that catches eye is the product’s large-capacity basket. The device is suited for picking bigger objects such as chestnuts, apples, oranges or even tennis balls. Your kids will, no doubt, find the thing useful and a true fun. Omit the fact it is not so good with picking smaller objects, you will still get a reliable helper, relieving you of the need to bend and pick every single object falling on your lawn.



If heavy-duty design features have always remained the primary aspect of choosing an instrument for you, then this model is just your type. Sturdy building performed of steel and supported by elastic gathering cage make it a worthy player on the garden tools market. Also, the ergonomic hand grip provides the maximum level of convenience and minimal muscles work. For majority of gardeners it still comes as the most suitable option to choose.

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