5 Ways to Choose a Saree to Treasure

Fashion trends come and go, but the appeal of the Indian sari never fades. It grows and changes to accommodate new fabrics, patterns, and the lifestyle of the women wearing them. The lovingly hand-woven Indian Saris which showcase Indian tradition culture and vibrant rural life are now transformed into flowing drapes in various textiles and patterns. CBazaar makes sari shopping easy by bringing every conceivable sari to your fingertips! From intricately embroidered net saris to trendy printed georgettes, there is a sari for every woman here!

  1. Dress for the occasion –


The sari is a versatile outfit which available in textures and styles which make it suitable for any occasion. Whether you are headed to a wedding, a casual get-together, or a board meeting, you are sure to find a drape that suits the purpose. Pick a multi-coloured georgette sari for a day at work, to look every bit the professional effortlessly. As you dress for a colleague’s wedding, switch to a red saree with an embroidered border. Paired with an elaborately designed saree blouse, it will make you stand out in the crowd!

  1. Modern styles for a traditional outfit-


The six yards of gorgeously woven fabric which is every Indian woman’s special love has morphed over time into many new forms, each of which are designed to flatter the wearer. The half saree, traditionally worn by little girls in the southern part of India has found favour with women who choose them for special occasions. An embroidered skirt comes together with a saree blouse and a flowing dupatta for an outfit which has the elegance of a saree without the difficulty of draping one

  1. Celebrate India! –


Every region in India has a special style it is known for, whether it is embroidery, traditional motifs, or unique patterns or colour combinations. Whether it is the distinctive temple border of Southern India, or the mango pattern of northern India, the Indian Sari showcases the best of Indian handicrafts and culture. In Rajasthan, a girl’s aunt is entrusted with the task of embroidering the sari she will wear on every special occasion when she is married. Carrying such a rich traditional background, the sari is not just another outfit. Create your collection with the best pieces from all over the country without seeking a sari bazaar, simply by visiting CBazaar online.

  1. A fabric that suits your body type –

When buying a sari, you have the opportunity to choose the fabric that is the most flattering to your body type. Flowing fabrics like georgette or chiffon are best suited for heavy frames, while slender women look lovely in silks and cottons as well! Cotton is the perfect choice for the Indian summer, while a silk saree keeps you comfortable in the winter! With so many options to choose from, you are sure to be spoiled for choice!


  1. Get creative! –

There are no restrictions to the number of ways in which you can drape your sari. Think beyond the traditional ‘seedha’ and ‘ultapalla’ and try new and interesting ways of pleating and draping your favourite sari!

The Indian sari is a versatile garment. Play with colours, styles, drapes and styles to create your own unique look, and bask in the attention it brings you!

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